Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity uniforms

Vanessa has to wear ceil blue uniforms to work. It is not possible to buy maternity nursing uniforms here. I found the right shade of blue fabric in Hancock Fabrics. I bought the entire length left on the bolt. It will be enough to make a pair of pants and 2 shirts if not more. I will layout the entire length to save yardage. It will be nice to get a third shirt or second pair of pants out of the yardage I bought. I will have to renovate the 2 uniforms she already has. I will use SewChics instructions to add a maternity panel to the pants.

Edit- I was able to make 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants out of the yardage purchased. I used my embriodery features on my new machine to put different motifs on her uniform pockets. One set has V monograms, one set has a stylized flower, and the other set has "It's a boy!" on one pocket and an airplane with a loop-de-loop trail on the other. I used thread that was almost an exact match to the color of the uniforms to do the embriodery.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Abigail's 5 hour baby sweater is finished. Of course, it was more like a 8 hour sweater for me. I had to frog back about 4 rows of the body, cause I can't tell the difference between a knit side and a purl side. I also frogged each cuff to reknit using smaller needles. I like them better now.
I took it to knit as Buck and I drove to Baton Rouge to see Dr. Mary Elliott. My sonogram was fine, as expected. Dr Mary just spread out the mammogram and sonogram this year to get to know me better since my other surgeon left the practice.
I started to learn to knit in Jan. on the trip to see Dr. Mary. I've done okay in between visits with my knitting.
I am planning Joseph's bedding. I've got to get started on that project. I don't want to go upstairs when Brayden is here. I've too many pins scattered around to let him on the floor. I do a little knitting, and a whole lot of playing while he is here. Not too many babysitting days left before school starts. I sew later.
I've not quilted anything for the lil babies yet. I've got lots planned and some fabrics in my stash earmarked for them. I also have to make a quilt for John. I found the backing fabric in Baton Rouge. Being a man of few words, he grinned a whole lot when he realized I am going to make him a quilt.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Everyone except Brayden and me are working today. So it's just the 2 of us on this Tuesday. Don't think I need to get out of the house. My little buddy is feeling better, still on his meds. He has not eaten much the last 3 days. I'm going to see what I can tempt him with today. Jenn and I want him to eat as much as possible.

He's napping, the microwave is beeping, and I'm going to eat my oatmeal.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Brayden is sick. His mouth has ulcers all along his upper lip. Both lips are swollen. The gum around his top tooth looks yukky and sore. He doesn't want his bottle very much. Poor Thing! He will see the doctor today to see what's wrong. He's been on amoxicilin, motrin, and tylenol around the clock since sat.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breezy's tube socks

I have finished the first pair of tube socks for Breana. The socks are going to be on right any way she can get them on as they are heelless, and have a 6 petal toe. The fellow members of Sockknitters and For the Love of Socks yahoo groups were wonderful in helping me knit the socks.

Lil Baby B

Lil Baby B is a girl! (99.9% sure) She will most likely be born on Dec 16, 2009, and be named Abigail Elizabeth Jones. The sonographer in the cardiologist's office snuck a peek this week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breezy's new socks

Breezy's first pair of socks are almost finished. I am knitting the foot of the second sock of the pair. I am using a spiral rib pattern for the leg after about 1 inch of 3x3 ribbing. I am making these socks with 6 petal star toes. The feet are stockinette. Breana no longer can put her socks on because she can't turn the socks on her feet to get the heels and toes on correctly. With 6 petal star toes and no heels, she will be able to get these socks on correctly.
The socks are a very quick knit. I cast on the first sock Sunday afternoon. Knittted alot on Monday, finishing the first sock. I will post my knitting notes for the socks so I will be able to recreate them.
The sock's spiralling ribs make me think of a ice cream cone. I will make her a pair of white 'ice cream' socks next.
MANY, MANY THANKS to those of the knitting groups who lead me through creating 'anyway toes' socks for Breezy.

I have a huge pile of fabric to make Joseph's bedding. I will begin sewing all of that after I make Vanessa more maternity clothes.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Business Trip to Denver

This is why we traveled to Denver. We drove up to get this trailer for MA. The truck had 189 miles when Buck got behind the wheel. It was 2 or 3 out of the dealer's lot.

We left home after work May 20 for New Braunfels TX. We stopped in Segiun TX instead about midnight. MA's shop is in New Braunfels. We left there about 10 am on the 21st.

We enjoyed seeing the desert for the first time. We had not been any further west than Corpus Christi before. By the time we left the desert, we had seen our fill of flat, flat landscape. We really missed having trees. We stopped somewhere in west Texas to buy a few things at Wal-Mart. I found a new camera case with a mini tripod. The tripod was the best. I now can appear in pictures!

Our second night was in Santa Fe. We spent a couple of hours being tourists in Santa Fe. We didn't go into the cathedral because of graduation ceremonies being held. Buck bought the girls both a silver ponytail decoration. I got a copper Kachina dancer for the Christmas tree. I loved the street marker for Burro Alley!

We ate in a roadside diner in northern New Mexico. WAY too much good food. Stopped to potty behind a pinon tree.

The afternoon of the 22nd we stopped at Great Sand Dunes National Park. I surprised myself being able to climb up the first few dunes. The creek was very high at the base of the dunes as well as being ice cold.

We left the sand dunes headed for Silverthorne, Co. I love the Rockies! It was a wonderful experience. Even with the rain, it was beautiful. The trooper (who stopped us for not having our headlights on) told us that the snowcaps were from the night before. There wasn't much snow prior to the front that had just moved in .

Waking up in Silverthorne, Co on the 23rd, we raced back up Highway 91 to play in the snow.

I have never seen such snow! IT WAS COLD!!! I was in knee deep snow.

We only had a couple of hours before we had to leave for North Denver to get the trailer. We will go back to Silverthorne.

The idjit we were meeting called MA to say we were hours late. We were to meet him at 'the biggest parking lot around' off of the interstate at noon. OKAY, we stopped at the huge transit lot to the left of the agreed upon exit. No trailer in sight. Several phone calls later, we found him. In a bank parking lot, near a stripmall, about 0.5 miles from the interstate, exit right.

We dragged that trailer to Garden City, Kansas. The stockyards must have been very near to where we were. It smelled like cow poo. Everywhere!

All I can say about GC, KS is that it is on the list of "DO NOT NEED TO RETURN", right under Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We drove straight from Garden City to New Braunfels, TX. Long day, Boring landscapes. We drove for long periods of time without seeing another vehicle. Pulled into the hotel about 11:30 pm. Delivered the truck and trailer after breakfast. Did a walk-through with MA.

Drove all the way back to Jenn and David's after stopping in Alexandria to see John and Vanessa.

Lazy Rainy Day

It started raining last night and continues on and off today. We really need this rain.

Brayden is really growing! I was looking at some of my pictures this morning. He's going so fast! We are at the Alexandria Zoo in this pictures. Brayden tried his best to catch those fish and turtles.
Don't you just love pouty faces! He has great sadness!
All is well now, Papaw is here!
We were in Natchitoches on the river front. It was as hot as blue blazes!Brayden wore his sunglasses all day.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life in the crazy lane

It has been awhile since my last post. I have had lots of things going on around here. The least of which was computer troubles. I had to replace my pc. And then had lots of trouble getting on the internet. David finally had to take it in to get it to recognize whatEVER it was not recognizing. Now it works!
Buck and I made a road trip starting May 20. We drive to New Braunfels Tx, and went to Denver by the way of Santa Fe. But that's another post.

My MIL spent several days in the hospital for chest pain, and later went back in for a heart cath done on outpatient basis. Still no answers why she is having her problems. She suddenly had no energy, lots of nausea, chest pain, (all of the classic female signs of a pending heart attack). Heart cath showed no signs of blockage. Cardiologist wants her to see a lung specialist. That's still pending. Since Granny is ailing, I have Brayden almost every day Jenn works.

Vanessa and I made a trip with Mary to Houston. Breana went to see Dr. Mary Koenig. Dr. Koenig is a pediatric Neurologist specializing in Mitrochrondrial deseases.
While there, Breana got to ice skate. We were eating by the ice rink in the Galleria. Breezy leaning over to me and whispered "I want to do that. I want to i kate". Many thanks to Polar Ice Galleria and "Coach" Cathy. I slipped away from dinner to talk to the rink folks about Breezy skating. I explaned a little about Breezy's mobility problems, and asked what kind of arrangements the rink had for such children. I did not tell them about Leigh's. Cathy agreed to get on the ice for less than 10 minutes. Any longer, and we would have to pay for 'a private session with coach' as well as skate rental and rink time. But, after meeting Breezy, Cathy and Polar Ice Gallera waived all fees.
What was supposed to be a couple of turns around the rink expanded into a 20-25 minute ice skating experience for Breana. She was allowed to make snow with her skates; feel the smooth, cold ice; and at the end, Cathy picked her up and skated fast(er). Breezy had a blast! Cathy never allowed Breana to fall. She spent the entire time bent double holding Breana.

I have had both Jenn and Vanessa in doctors' offices, on the same day, AT THE SAME TIME! Thank goodness the docs shared a waiting room. Vanessa was at the OB, and Jenn was seeing a cardiologist. The same cardiologist Granny saw the afternoon before (I was with her, too)!
Vanessa is having a very painful pregnancy due to fibroids. She had a sonogram, all is well with Joseph Patrick Rose. Jenn was with us when we were able to see Lil Baby A was indeed another boy. The sonographer took a peek at Jenn's baby, but it is still Lil Baby B! Gender yet unknown.
Jenn needed Zabeta to regulate her heart rate and blood pressure. All is okay with her and Lil Baby B. She does not show signs of too much amnionic fluid or gestational diabetes.

I have been knitting like mad: a pair of ankle socks while travelling, several bibs, a couple of washcloths for Mary.

I have lots of yarn for socks. I will make Breezy tube socks with 'any way toes'. She can't put her socks on any longer because she can't turn the socks to get heels and toes straight.

I am making a Wriggly Wrap for Joseph.
It looks like a giant sock or slipper.

Some bug stung Vanessa last Wed. She began to swell and itch like crazy. Her OB sent her to the ER. The ER Doc was very impressed with the wriggly wrap. Every thing is now ok with Vanessa.

I am making Joseph's nursery bedding. John and Vanessa like "Jungle Babies" by Patty Reed Designs. I am using the quilted panel for the center of his quilt top. I will make it large enough to use on a toddler bed. I will make a straight bed skirt, bumper pads, and a diaper stacker. I also have a fabric book panel that maybecome wall hangings. Simplicity has a pattern, 3954, using this fabric line. I have several pieces of fabric not shown on the pattern. I have a 'giraffe spots' print, and a piece that is stripes of the different prints in the line.