Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My topsy turvy world continues

My dad is 82. He told last Friday morning that he couldn't see out of his right eye. At that time, he said everything was blurry. I made an appointment with his eye doctor Monday afternoon. Daddy has a central retinal vein occlusion. He saw his GP this afternoon, he will have carotid artery studies and other tests next week. He will see a retinal specialist tomorrow morning.
Dad is diabetic and his memory is beginning to fade. This eye trouble has thrown him for a loop. I will have to make him give up his driving. None of my siblings are courageous enough to tackle that subject. All I've heard is "Good Luck!"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bits of this and that

Vanessa caught a nasty gastro virus Wednesday. She had to be admitted to the hospital 5 am Thursday morning. She had to be on an IV because of dehydration. She and the baby are doing just fine now after being released Friday afternoon. She has put us through our paces this week!

David raced for the first time this year last night. We drove up to Fasttrax Speedway in Chatham, about 1 1/2 hours north of here. He won his heat and finished 6th in the feature event. We were very excited with the night. He and Buck finished replacing his clutch Thursday night. We weren't sure if the car would even hook up right with the new size tires his class has to use. We really needed the hot laps to check the setup


Brayden did very well. He carried his stubby wrench with him everywhere he went last night. It makes a very good teething tool. Who knew Craftsman makes teething wrenches? We kept earplugs in his ears anytime he was out of the truck. He liked riding in the car with his daddy while packing the track.
David gave him back to Buck when he realized Brayden was eating clods of mud. He was one grubby little boy when he got home this morning. We got home about 1 am which is actually about 2 hours early.

I was up and out by 7 am this morning for a Sunday School Leadership conference. The most memorable soundbite- "If God is your partner, plan big."

I was home by 12:30, ate 2 breadsticks, and hit the sack. I slept until Buck woke me up about 4:30. WOW!! I slept without meds! Fibromyalgia causes insomnia, and makes it necessary for me to take Ambien to sleep at night. I plan to eat supper, go to Daddy's to give him his meds, and hit the sack again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vanessa and John Rose

Vanessa and John got married Aug 19 at 6:30.
IN MY HOUSE, With SIXTEEN days notice.

I got the flowers done, the dress renovated, the arch decorated, the chair sashes made, the wedding supper for 20 cooked, tablecloths made, the cakes ordered and picked up, and a new dress for me, ties for Buck and John, and a suit for Brayden bought. And the house cleaned, and cleared out for the wedding. Oh, and the carpet shampooed.

All accomplished while starting a new school year in a new classroom teaching a new grade level!

I AM WOMAN!! and in need of sleep!
I can't leave out babysitting a 10 month old several days during the allotted 16 pre-wedding days.

Photos to follow

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding plans

I am definitely meeting myself coming and going. Vanessa is getting married Aug 18. She announced the date Aug 2. I am decorating an arch, remodeling her dress, making chair covers, and chair bows (aisle markers), designing a wedding cake, making a flower girl dress, cleaning the house for a wedding, cooking a wedding supper, and beginning a new school year in a new grade level in a new classroom.