Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tessellating Stars triplets

I have the backings sewn for the 3 tessellating star quilts I am making for my mother-in-law, and DH's sisters. I like pieced backs better than plain ones. I am ready (FINALLY) to start quilting these 3. It has become a family joke about who is getting their quilt first. ALL three ladies will be on hand before any quilt is handed over. LOL!!
Buck and I have done some minor changes to my DSM quilting frame. I have high hopes that these changes will be the answers to some minor problems.

I have been bitten by the knitting bug.
Lilli, a lunch buddy at school, is knitting socks at lunch. She is very kind and knowledgeable about knitting. She learned to knit in elementary school. She grew up in Germany. Knitting was part of the Home Ec curriculum in her elementary school.
I have knitted the grandbaby a bunny. Now I am working on 2 projects. I am making Breana a bunny. Bunnies are very simple. A 6 inch square is knitted in stockingette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row). 2 ears are knitted (knit all rows). The square is sewn tegether in such a way to make a head, and 4 legs. I stuffed Brayden's bunny with quilt batting. I wanted stuffing that wouldn't come out of the body. I want to have a few bunnies on hand for Breana's visits to the doctors. I will call them Bobo Bunnies. I think she can keep one with her during all of the procedures she will have to endure.
I am also trying to knit socks. Sock knitting is definitely a WISP! (Work In Slow Progress). I have double pointed needles and sock yarn, and lots of TV time. I can cast on quite well due to the extra practice I've had due to maistakes in the sock knitting process!

Breana and Jimmy

Please pray for our family.
We are still waiting for a diagnosis for Breana.
However, Jimmy, Breana's daddy, is scheduled for surgery Wednesday on his skull. He is going to get a plate put in where he had a brain tumor removed in July 2007. This is his 4th surgery. His tumor was removed in July 07, with his skull bone replaced during that surgery. Late 2007, he had the bone replaced with a plate because the bone wouldn't fuse back to the rest of the skull. In Sept 2008, the plate had to be removed because of infection that would not clear up. He has been without a skull bone or plate since. It has been really scary to think of a 23 year old male living without a large part of his skull. The place is as big as my palm just above his right ear.
Breana usually stays with me when her parents are away in the hospital. It is always interesting to have a 3 year old in the house.
Breana is scheduled to have an evaluation for placement in the special education system of our parish. The eval is basically a formality because of her condition. She will qualify.

My computer is destined for the TRASH HEAP!!!! It has decided not to allow me to email commenters. It will be replaced within the month. It is a dinosaur. I am barely computer literate. I don't know how to fix the problems the computer creates for me.
I apologize for appearing to be rude. I'm thankful for all comments.