Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Back!

It has been a crazy month!
I've had to move my class to a new room. I've gone from a 30'x 30' classroom with a private bathroom (May 2009), to a 21' x 28' room without a bathroom (June 2009), to a 12' x 20' portable building without a sink (Oct 2009). I moved without missing any teaching time. I was expected to move during my off duty time.
Vanessa and Jennifer are doing okay with their pregnancies. Jenn had a kidney stone requiring a stent. Vanessa had pneumonia.
Vanessa is on modified bedrest. Jenn is still working a full workweek. Vanessa is 36 weeks, Jennifer is 32 weeks. Joseph is almost fullterm, he is still at 'wimpy little white boy' though, he needs another 2 weeks to cook. Abigail is in the NICU range, she needs another 4 weeks at least, she is scheduled for Dec 15.
Brayden is not walking yet. He is a blast to have around. He is crawling full speed everywhere. He is learning baby signs. He can tell you he is 'all done', and 'more' 'eat'. He puts his index finger into his mouth for 'eat' instead of putting his fingertips to his mouth. He calls Jenn mommy, and David mom. I'm mamaw, and Buck is mom. He'll get it straight. Jenn and I really rag the boys about being called Mom!