Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Wonderful Husband!

A couple of weeks ago, I casually asked my husband, Buck, if we had a few extra grand laying around. Imagine his laughter!! When he stopped laughing, he asked what I wanted. I then showed him several longarm quilting machines. He thoughtfully looked them over with only one comment. "Huh."

Believe me, that was it as far as I was concerned. I KNOW we don't have that kind of spending money.

This afternoon, he came into the house from his shop. He had with him 2 carriages he has fabricated out of metal. He welded square tubing into 2 rectangles and added wheels. They stack one atop the other. They glide like butter.
He wanted know if I thought my old sewing machine would work on them. (They are exactly the right size for the machine.)
He explained that he has the wood to make a table. "How wide does it need to be? I have the tracks to move the machine from end to end. "

I guess he paid more attention than I thought. He has also done a bit of research on this on his lunch hour. I've started taking pictures of the project, but he asked me not to include them until he is finished. His reason-he missed a spot when he painted the carriages. As if I care about a bit of welding color.

Just a note- I picked him out when I was 16. I knew he was a keeper

Here I am

I've been quilting all summer, and just today decided to set up my blog. I am not sure I am computer literate enough to do more than read someone else's blog. But here goes, straight in the deep end of the pool.

There is a really, really, REALLY good reason I began to quilt again this year. My first grandbaby will be here October 13! Brayden William is almost here. He really couldn't be expected to sleep under a store-boughten blanket, could he? (grin)
I've made lots of quilts for the baby, mostly small wrap up the baby sized.
This is a 'racing quilt' for the baby. The pattern is a simple rail fence I manipulated for a layout on the design floor some family members think is the foyer. (Silly people) The colors are the colors of flags used in dirt track racing. We have a car Brayden's daddy races. Papaw decided on the color scheme. We needed an appropriate quilt for the racing season next year. The back is a print featuring NASCAR racing. (Machine quilted on a Singer sewing machine.)

Isn't Jenn tiny! Her belly really looks like a fake belly actresses use to pretend to be preggy. Happy 49th, Buck!

Brayden really needs to wait until Friday. My son, David (25), who is Brayden's daddy, just flew out this a.m. for Salt Lake for a conference. He will be gone until Thursday night 9 pm. This conference is critical for his job. He has to get the certification from this meeting.

My DIL, Jenn, really wants to have this baby. She is past the miserable stage. It has been a really rough pregnancy for her.
I have a darling daughter, Vanessa, who is 22.. She works at a local grocery store while attending a technical college for LPN. This is her quilt I made for her in one weekend. She asked
for this quilt one Saturday night. "Can you bring it to metomorrow?" Thanks to Marcia at for a relatively quick and fast pattern. It is her Square Within Squares 2 pattern. I used a solid purple for the centers of the blocks (the picture lies, all of the centers are the same), and a small purple calico for the top left and bottom right corners of each square. The remaining part is a fabric with an all-over tie dye effect ranging from green thru teal into pink. The back is a short pile turned to the front with an extra deep binding. I machine quilted this thing on a regular sewing machine. I haven't made myself frog (rip it, rip it) the rippled binding yet. Maybe later. This puppy went from uncut yardage Friday night to the bed Sunday evening.

It must be an unwritten blogger rule: quilt spread out, camera ready, someone climbs on the quilt! Meet Breana, my 3 year old grandneice. "I need to read, Aunt Martha." See her books on the bookshelf. She puts them away herself.