Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life after the 1st

I finished Joe's sweater. It is too cute for words.
I am knitting a hat for Ann. She was moved today to rehab. She is about 20 minutes away. Ann will stay in rehab to regain use of her left arm. She lost the use of it to the tumor.
Dale, Ann's husband, is blind. He isn't totally blind, he has some functional vision. He can't drive. One of the 2 trips to and from the Hospital in Shreveport, the ambulance company agreed to allow him to ride with Ann in the ambulance to and from Alexandria. (a 2 hour drive). They would not allow him to ride home with her to the rehab Hospital today. One of his sisters have to go to get him. I don't know the difference from one trip to the next. It is the same ambulance company. Still no quilting, I have to finish the Christmas quilts for the babies.